What to bring

What to bring

Since it’s hard to know what to expect with a location you haven’t been to and a sport you may not have tried before, I created this list to help answer common questions regarding what to bring.
• Rewards- You’ll want to reward your dog generously for finding the rat, so bring more of your dog’s favorite treats than you think you’ll need and/or their favorite toy(s).

• Water bowl- sniffing dries the dogs out and treats can make them thirsty. A sink is available to fill/dump your water bowl. Bring beverages to keep yourself hydrated too.

• Crate- The dogs will work/train one at a time, so if you will be training with other people or have more than one dog, you’ll need a way to contain the dog(s) not currently working. We’re out in the country on a 1 lane road, so having your dog crated in your wide open vehicle is safe. You can pull into the garage to keep your vehicle in the shade/out of the weather if you’d like to keep your dogs in your vehicle. For safety reasons, dogs may not be attached/tied to any object other than a human or the designated tether. If you only have 1 dog and are training by yourself, you won’t need a place to contain your dog.

• Leash and flat collar or harness- You may use a flat collar, martingale collar, head collar or harness on your dog while here. You may not use electronic collars, “bark collars”, or choke chains while here for training, including walks off the property. When bringing your dog to the training area for their turn, please do not use a flexi-lead. Be aware that Barn Hunt rules (for fun tests and trials) do not allow the use of electronic collars, bark collars or head collars on the trial grounds and prong collars or flexi-leads may not be used to get the dog to the ring for their turn. The training area has doors/gates so the dogs can hunt/train while “naked” (no collar/harness or leash) as they do in a trial setting.

• Empty bladder- No bathroom facilities are available for visitors, sorry. The Shell station (less than a mile away, on your way here) has clean bathrooms. You’ll also want to be sure your dog is fully empty before they enter the hunt area so arrive early enough to take your dog for a good walk on the field side of the road. Eliminating on course is an NQ at a trial and having to replace bales that get peed on is expensive! There is a $5 fee for each bale that gets peed on. At least if the dog is empty, they will only leave a few drips and cleanup is easier. 🙂 During training, dogs may wear panties or belly bands if you’re worried about the dog marking. Once the dog understands the game, their desire to mark in the ring goes away.

• Cash, check or pre-purchase coupons for payment of training fees. Pre-paid coupons are not required. You may pay on the day of training.

• Plenty of smiles and a good attitude- this should be fun for both you and the dog!

Parking will be in the driveway. This is very close to where the dogs will be working.

Please do not let your dogs potty on my neighbor’s property or any landscaping.  Use the field side of the road for walking your dog(s). Note that the first house on our street that you pass has a small white dog that may be loose and may run toward your dog barking.  If your dog will take issue with that, walk toward the end of the road instead.



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