Trial prep class

From time to time I’ll offer a trial prep class on the calendar.  This will be a group session that lasts about an hour and is meant to simulate a more ‘trial like’ environment.  Due to the tight space and tight parking, I’ll only be able to have 4 spots per class.  These will be first booked, first reserved. Booking needs to be through the website.

Class needs at least 3 people signed up to be held.


3 people = $7 per person

4 people = $6 per person

5 people = $5 per person

If you have multiple dogs, you’ll need to pick which one gets in the first blind and which one gets in the second blind.  Depending on what levels people are working, we might have time for 3 runs.

Dogs will be run in class order Novice, Open, Senior, Master

The first 5 dogs/people will wait just outside the ring and along the wall in the “blind”. Dogs will run one at a time in the above class order. Once finished with your run, you can take your dog outside, switch out your dogs if needed, put them in a crate if your dog can be quiet, or sit back in the blind.  Once all 5 dogs have run, we’ll start blind #2 the same way.

Space is tight, so be sure your dog is good with other dogs in close proximity.  Also be sure to not let your dog charge through the door because they might end up right in another dog’s face.

Area used for the blind:

Blind sm