Week 3 results (Speed)

The Speed game was hard on everyone! 21 dogs attempted the game and only 6 dogs found more than 1 rat!! And unfortunately, several weren’t able to find a rat in the first 30 sec. It was MUCH more challenging than I thought it would be! Also, I screwed up the timing on the first 6 dogs (on Tuesday), so can’t do ‘official’ placements because the times are used to break ties. Unintended mistakes like this is exactly why I did this round as unofficial! 🙂 We’re all learning as we go right now.
No one found all 5 rats!!
Luke McCabe won the game finding 4 rats and will get a free 30 min. training session.
Owen McCabe found 3 rats
The following dogs found 2 rats:
Betty Jean R
Cooper H
Fiona H
Angus H
The following dogs found 0 or 1 rat (listed in the order they ran):
Elliot R
Earl G
Piper M
Eli M
Joey M
Nikki A
Patti M
Winnie O
Reva O
Macintosh S
Perry M
Cosmo B
Caine H
Pink M
Rumor F
Trying these games helps us see where we might need to do more work, or lets us know this particular game is not for your dog. Doesn’t mean they can’t do well in several of the other games!
This week is distance: Handler can’t go into most of the course until they call rat. Once rat is called, handler can cross the line to get it, but then has to go back to their section of the ring. This was played in week one and the dogs did well. So if you want to brave the brutal temps after Monday, come on out and have some fun!

1st quarter rat games results!

Week 1:

Heads or Tails Results:
Congrats to Piper and Summer McCabe for completing all the course elements in the fastest time! (1:09.10) They have earned one free 30 min. training session!

Second Place- Reeta and Serena S. (1:17.01) 24 points
Third Place- Nikki and Lisa A (1:31.16) 24 points
Fourth Place- Betty Jean and Jennifer R (1:52.08) 24 points

The following teams earned passing scores using the full 2 min.
20 points- Fiona and Gretchen H
20 points- Alanis and Carla F
16 points- Owen and Summer M
16 points- Luke and Summer M
16 points- Cooper and Gretchen H
16 points- Reva and Wanda O
12 points- Daisy Mae and Jody F
12 points- Elliot and Jennifer R
12 points- Pink and Alicia M
12 points- Addie and Judy A
8 points- Angus and Gretchen H
4 points- Zeus and Jolene L
Attempting the course:
Patty and Candy M
Winnie and Wanda O
Eli and Edith M



Results of the 1st quarter have been submitted to rat games! I shared the scores from last week, so here are this week’s scores. Remember that each rat found is worth 2 points. But not doing the tunnel within the 2 minutes is minus 3. And calling an incorrect tube is minus 3.

I’m going to list the placements, then do the rest of the scores in the order they were run so I don’t miss anyone.

1st place- Voodoo Puls with a score of 17 under Judge Erin McDaniel

2nd place- Jif Fields with a score of 16

and we have a 4 way tie for 3rd place with a score of 15!
Tony Lester
Owen McCabe
Cooper Hernandez
Dazzle Puls

The rest of the scores in the order run are:
Addie A 7
Austin C 5
Alanis F 0
Rumor F 6
Betty Jean R 9
Elliot R 11
Pattie M 3
Luke M 11
Piper M 9
Angus H 7
Fiona H 13
Macintosh S 9
Nikki A 9
Winnie O 0
Reva O 7
Zeus L 1
Cosmo B 9
Perry M 11
Pink M 13
Caine H 11

Congrats to everyone! I hope you all had fun and will join us for the trial on March 9th.



Premium for 1st trial!

The premium for the March 9th Mad Hatter trial can be found on this page:

This includes the entry form. It opens on Sunday, so be sure your entries don’t arrive before that date. I don’t THINK it will fill, but getting your entries in early gives you the best shot at an early run time. And if multiple people want the same time slot, the folks that entered first get priority. If you can be flexible about when you run, you can note that on your entry form. I’ll do my best to accommodate everyone’s schedule, but can’t make any promises.

Club Name Change

Due to a notice I got from the founder of barn hunt saying a barn hunt club and barn hunt Judge can’t promote another rat hunting org (Rat Games), the S.E. Indiana Barn Hunt Club will now be known as S.E. Indiana Rats and Dogs.  I’ll be updating everything over the next few days.  Training for both sports will still be offered here, as well as Rat Games trials.

I will be stepping down as a Barn Hunt Judge as well.  But will still Judge Cleremont next month (if Robin, the owner of barn hunt, doesn’t remove my Judge status before then).