Barn Hunt Classes cancelled

Due to Voodoo having kennel cough, classes are cancelled till at least April 6th, may need to be longer. I’ve been told I can carry the virus on my clothes and shoes and skin, so to be safe, I’m cancelling barn hunt classes until Voodoo stops coughing and I’m sure that Dazzle doesn’t have it (or until Dazzle stops coughing). If Voodoo coughs for longer than expected or Dazzle gets it, it may be longer before classes resume. Sorry for the inconvenience, but better to be safe.

I took Voodoo to medvet today to have him tested to be sure it’s just kennel cough and not the flu. He doesn’t have a fever, no vomiting or loose stool, lungs sounded good, and he’s acting like he feels fine, so the vet felt KC is most likely. He just started coughing this afternoon, and hasn’t been in the basement in the last week, so exposure to folks that have been here the past few days should be very minimal. But since I was told I can transmit it from my clothes/shoes, I’m cancelling classes to be on the safe side.And I’m cancelling till after Greenville, because even if Voodoo stops coughing earlier, it’s likely Dazzle will also get it and even if he doesn’t… my body can’t handle 2 weeks worth of sessions crammed into just a couple days before the trial.


First trial prep THIS Sunday

It looks like Sunday is most popular for the trial prep session, so I’ll offer the first sessions this Sunday
Mar 4th 11a – 12p and
Mar 4 7-8pm for anyone not going to the Greenville trial.
And again on Mar 11th 11a-12p for anyone not going to the Lexington trial. If you want one of the 5 spots in these sessions, book through the website and specify which session(s) you want. First signed up through the website- first reserved.

Barn Hunt trial prep sessions?

Anyone interested in a trial prep session? This would be an hour long session with 4 or 5 dogs/people, allowing you to practice waiting in the blind, running with more people/dogs in the space, only having course time to work, etc. I’m thinking $5 per person. Should be able to get 2 or 3 runs per person. If you want to bring multiple dogs, you’d have to pick which dog gets which run. So for instance, one dog would be in the first blind, then you’d switch out dogs for the second run. If this is something you want to do, please visit the facebook page:

There is a poll where you can mark the days/times you could attend and I’ll see if there is enough interest to hold a few.

Only if you are NOT on facebook:

The facebook poll is easiest for me, but if you don’t have a facebook account, send me an email with the days and following times you could attend this type of group class and I’ll take those responses into consideration when trying to determine the most popular day/time. Time choices are 11-12, between 2 and 4, and 7-8pm.  So I need a list of the most likely days you could attend along with your available time selections for each of those days. It should look like:

Mon 11-12 or 2-4

Tuesday 7-8pm

Sat anytime

Sunday 2-4 or 7-8