New RATTIE award

The following post was written by the founder of the sport of Barn Hunt:

Do you know a dog or dog and handler who have been inspired/changed/impacted in a positive way by the sport of Barn Hunt? Do you own that dog? Do you have a special story to tell?

At the National this year, we will institute the new RATTIE Award. This award will be a People’s Choice Award which means YOU will nominate then vote on possible winners!
Here’s how it will work. Starting June 1 we will open up a nomination form on the Register of the website. Each dog or dog/handler team can be nominated once. A photo can be uploaded (should be restricted to 500 pixels wide) and up to 2500 characters can be written, explaining why the dog/dog & handler deserve the RATTIE Award.
Nominations will close June 30.
The Advisory Committee and I (that is myself, Greg Perry, Virginia Huxley, Jennifer Riess, Mark Shaw, and Janet Oatney) will then go through all nominations and decide on 10 to 15 finalists.
Those finalists will be re-published and there will be an open voting period. Each person with a dog registered in Barn Hunt will get one vote, and the winner will be announced at the National Banquet.
So get your thinking caps on, get your jpg ready, and look for more information on June 1!

Robin Nuttall

Barn Hunt Association, LLC
Columbia, MO


I’ll update the calendar this afternoon. I’ve been out of town helping family and not online much. Thanks for your patience!