Save these trial dates!

Listing of upcoming fun tests and trials in the tri-state:

Sept. 14 only (2 fun tests) AQ4U (Louisville, KY)
Sept. 21 fun test Greenville Area Dog Club (Greenville, OH)
Oct. 4/5 fun tests CCDTC (East side of Cincinnati)

The following are all TRIALS:

Oct. 18/19 AGFD (Marysville, OH)
Nov. 8/9 AGFD (Instinct/Novice only– 4 trials)
Nov. 15/16 Columbus ABTC (Columbus, OH)
Nov 22/23 AQ4U
Dec. 13/14 Gem City (Dayton, OH)
Dec 20/21 AQ4U
Jan. 10/11 AQ4U
Jan 24/25 AGFD
Feb. 14/15 CCDTC (Milford, OH)
Feb. 21/22 AQ4U
Mar 7/8 AGFD
Mar 21/22 AQ4U
May 2/3 CCDTC
May 23/24 AQ4U
June 6/7 AGFD
June 13/14 AQ4U
June 27/28 CCDTC
Aug 1/2 AGFD
Oct. 10/11 CCDTC
Oct. 17/18 AGFD

AGFD= Anything Goes For Dogs (Marysville, OH)

Columbus ABT = Columbus All Breed Training Center (Columbus, OH)

Gem City DTC (Dayton Ohio)

AQ4U = Agility Cues for you (Louisville, KY)

CCDTC = Clermont County Dog Training Club

Greenville Area Dog Club =


Business cards

Just ordered business cards, so once they arrive, if you want some to hand out to friends just let me know! I’ll have them at the club and in my vehicle.

Business card

Future building plans

I have been working on plans for expanding the Barn Hunt training building and I’m excited to share what I have come up with so far! This would be a NEW building, on our property. It would be insulated and have heat and A/C. This layout would provide regulation size rings for each level, so that the moving of bales and building of tunnels could be minimized (though courses would still be changed frequently). This would allow training sessions to continue as they have been, instead of having to set certain days for certain levels of practice as I think I might have to do. Every training session that gets booked is helping to put money in the bank to make this a reality! I can’t do it without the support of everyone that wants a great place to train for Barn Hunt! If all goes as planned and the winter is not so brutal that training can’t take place, I plan to try to get the construction started next spring or early summer.

(click on photo to see larger view)

8-26-14 future building

Shirts are on sale!

SALE on club shirts!! All shirts are 15% off from today till 9-2-14. Use promo code SHIRTS15 If you don’t see the design layout that you want, just let me know and I can create it for you. The design can be on the front (large or pocket size) and/or on the back and on both men’s and women’s cut shirts. There are also several colors to choose from. I don’t have these in stock, they are only available online through spreadshirt.


Insulation is UP!

New insulation is UP!! It took from 11am to about 3:30pm (with short break for lunch) and I don’t think I’ll be able to lift my arms tomorrow, but it’s up and it’s working well! As you can see by the 75 degree inside temp vs. the almost 90 degrees outside in the shade. It was over 80 inside the garage by the time I took a break for lunch at the half-way point. A HUGE thank-you to Monica Holmback for helping me with the first half!! All I still need to do is tape the seams with white duct tape, but AFTER my arms, neck, back and hands recover.

8-19-14 new ceiling 1

8-19-14 new ceiling 2

8-19-14 Temp inside-outside