I’m a JUDGE!

I'm a Judge


Whoo Hoo! I’m able to currently Judge Instinct through Open and after I Judge the fun test next month, I should be good to go for all levels! SO happy and excited!




Fun test Judging success

The ratty girls did great at the fun test this weekend and I had a BLAST doing the Judging! And I was able to Judge all the levels except Masters and learned some things about the courses I designed as far as what I want to do (& not do) again. 🙂 Such a great group of people and dogs, they made my job easy! Because Krista was also able to bring some rats, the younger girls just went along for the ride, but that’s ok. The socialization is good for them. Each of the older girls were in the ring for 1 class each. And Dazzle had a blast running in Senior finding all 4 rat tubes in just over a minute and a half.

7-20-14 rats at fun test 1

7-20-14 rats at fun test


Ready to go to the fun test

Both cages fully cleaned and “stripped” of most of the extras, ready for transport to the Gem City fun test tomorrow. The girls were busy investigating their clean cages when I got this photo. This isn’t where the cages usually stay, so they were investigating the new surroundings too, including the window view. I kept the pipes as hiding places because it’s easy to get them out of those, but removed the other usual hiding spots because it’s not always easy to get them out if they are tired. Also removed the hammocks (because they stink and need washed), rocks/bricks (because they add a lot of weight) and most of their toys and chews so nothing gets tossed around during transport. I did keep a few in there for them though. And of course their pools were removed. It’s been cool enough that they don’t really need them. So the cages look really bare! But I think they will be much more comfortable in these for the weekend than in the small bins. And I checked, they DO fit into my van but just barely (height wise)!

I hope to see many of you there for the fun test!

7-17-14 ready for transport