A productive day

A very productive day today! I got plastic installed on the ceiling of the training area. This will greatly reduce the square footage trying to be cooled and hopefully help the A/C keep up. Eventually, I will likely insulate the garage as well. I can’t imagine that my neighbors would object to that  🙂

I also got 4 new rats! I’ll post pictures after they have some time to settle in and are not so stressed by all the new sights and sounds. I wanted to get ones that look significantly different from my current girls, so that when they are being used for a trial or fun test, it’s easier to tell who goes in what cage. But they only had 3 that look significantly different. I hope that doesn’t cause issues down the road. I just couldn’t bring myself to get a white rat with red eyes (though the very faintly hooded one does have red eyes). Nothing against them, just not my preference. Now I have to decide which one I’m going to name “Needle” so that the dogs can find a needle in the hay (straw) stack LOL



WE HAVE A/C!!!! So feel free to book whatever time slot you like (after 10am)

6-15-14 AC

Thank-you to Edith Markoff, Rich McVay and Elle Koch for helping to get it put in! It ran during the 11am lesson and did a good job of putting out cold air even though the garage door was open. But I think it will work best with the big door closed 🙂  So don’t be surprised if you arrive and the garage door isn’t open. If my van is there, training is available. I’m going to make some signs that I’ll put out each time I arrive so it’s clear where to enter and when the club is open.

Closer to having A/C!

Exciting news!!  I got permission to install air conditioning in the training area and the 12,000 BTU unit I ordered has been delivered. Today I got the opening framed and the plywood cut out.  So all that needs to happen now is to cut out the siding, slide the unit into the hole, secure it and plug it in!  Hopefully it is as easy to accomplish as I make it sound 🙂

6-13-14 AC opening