We have straw!!

The straw (& new banner) was delivered on Saturday and was used for training Novice yesterday!

4-25-14 Straw delivered

4-25-14 Banner arrived

4-26-14 Felix 1

4-26-14 Felix 2


SHIRTS are available!!

S.E. Indiana Barn Hunt logo shirts are now available!!! Reasonably priced, lots of great colors/sizes, both men’s and women’s styles and ships direct to you within 3 days. Check out the store and show your support and help us advertise by purchasing a shirt or 2 or 3 http://indianabarnhunt.spreadshirt.com/

The most fantastic, awesome, exciting news!!!

I have the most fantastic, awesome, exciting news!!! My neighbors (at the end of the street) have agreed to let us use their garage for Barn Hunt training!! Only conditions are:
1) It gets cleaned out (which I spent ALL DAY doing)
2) We keep it clean (which shouldn’t be a problem)
3) We don’t block the driveway (can park along side of it)

This means we will have an indoor place to practice full Novice and Open level courses!!

I returned the tarp and the fencing I bought yesterday and as soon as that money shows up on my card, I’ll be able to buy the straw and we will be ready to rock!! Due to their schedule, Thursdays before 3pm won’t be available. But we can do evenings now because we’ll have lights and we can train even if it’s raining! And we won’t have to mess with a tarp over the straw.

I’m SO excited!!!!

4-18-14 garage


Wonderful opening day!

There were 9 dogs that came out to play today on the opening day of the Barn Hunt training and it was a beautiful day for it too!  Almost all the dogs ended up with a good interest in the rats (some more so than others) 🙂  And the rats did great!  The dogs today were much more sedate in their indications than Dazzle was during their training so today was a piece of cake for them. I wish I could have gotten a photo of the times the rats were sniffing nose to nose with the dog through the holes while they were in the clear tube.  And at one point, I had to jiggle the tube a bit because Riddle had fallen asleep 🙂


You can see the photos of the dogs in this facebook album:


Here are a few of my favorite photos (It wasn’t only Corgis today, but they seemed to have the most interest and I got the best photos of them):

4-12-14 Doyle 1 4-12-14 Doyle 6 4-12-14 Felix 1 4-12-14 Felix 2 4-12-14 Trenn 2 4-12-14 Trenn 8

Officially have 10 members!

We officially have 10 members! That’s 9 people (besides myself) that have paid for training coupons. Anytime a person pays for training the first time (either pre-purchase or in-person) that person becomes a member. This designation is simply for insurance coverage purposes, but it’s exciting to me that $545 worth of income has already come in!! And the Barn Hunt fund is in the black after all the initial expenses were paid! My sincere gratitude to those initial members and the additional folks that have signed up for training so far! Thank-you!!!! I think Phase 2 will get completed pretty quickly and I hope to hook you ALL on the addiction of this sport 🙂

Ready for training!

I got the holder for the tubes done and garage cleaned yesterday and bought 6 bales of straw today, so ALL the steps of phase 1 are completed and we’re ready to start training on Saturday!!  Thank-you to all the folks that are already booking training time!  I’m hopeful that the fenced area (Phase 2) will be available reasonably soon.